Who we are

Who we are

A team of Americans/Canadians living in Israel.  We are developers and funders of TAMA 38 projects in Israel

Experienced in finance and project management /American business practices and standards

Value Added Services
We Provide

  • We specialize in acquiring profitable TAMA38 projects that are close to construction. These projects have strong collateral and excellent locations. We either develop these projects directly or co-develop with another group.
  • We acquire financing from private lenders or equity partners>>> We find & package deals / complete financial review / due diligence / arrange all legal work/project management & weekly supervision of project (on site) / monthly reporting / protect the interests of our funders to insure safety of investment and substantial ROI.
  • Our team includes highly experienced project managers, Shamot (appraisers), architects, engineers, kablanim (construction companies), lawyers, accountants and financial analysts.

Our priorities are

Substantial Return on investment for our funders

Safety of

Creating valuable new housing and jobs in Israel

Our Advisors