Our Team

Meet Our Management Team

We have an expert team of professional “American” management, in Israel

Aryeh (Larry) Deverett


Originally from Toronto, Canada. Extensive background in finance, project management and marketing. Aryeh focuses on investor relations, marketing, compliance (legal and accounting).

Hashoshan 7, Bet Shemesh,
Israel 99590

Israel : (053)831-0270
USA/Canada : (607)241-2595

Jonathan Kestenbaum

President, Development Division

Originally from Lawrence (5 Towns) New York. Experienced in project planning and construction management. Jon focuses on project acquisition, project management & construction management.

Hashoshan 7, Bet Shemesh,
Israel 99590

Daniel Blush

General Manager, Finance Division

Daniel is a licensed real estate broker and general manager in our TAMA business Originally a New York native, Daniel has an MBA in Business Administration and eclectic experience in the world of business and real estate. Daniel spent several years as a broker for a real estate firm whose client base was largely new Olim.

 Hashoshan 7, Bet Shemesh,
Israel, 99590

Israel : (054)441-3275‬

Eli Pollack

Strategic Manager

Eli Pollack is part of the father-and-son team who founded Pollack Real Estate Investment Consultants ten years ago. Together with his late father Moshe Pollack, Eli opened the brokerage as a full-service family property management company to deal with all aspects of real estate acquisition and investment in Israel and abroad.

 Hashoshan 7, Bet Shemesh,
Israel, 99590

Israel : (050)529-1105‬

David Hoffman

Business Development Manager

David Hoffman, a fourth generation Texan is a Serial Entrepreneur having started and successfully existed four businesses (so far).  David is now an active investor and Business Development Manager – focusing on investor relations and marketing.
A Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and a former Baylor University School of Business Professor, David is a self-proclaimed private ambassador for Israel.

 19 King David Street,
Jerusalem, Israel

Israel : (054) 318-0226

USA :  (214) 446-1819