What is TAMA38?

A unique construction program in Israel to rebuild old apartment buildings. Invest in a TAMA project and earn exceptional returns in a short timeframe.

  • TAMA 38 is a unique construction program from the Israeli government to increase urban housing and to protect older apartment buildings from earthquakes.  Developers get to add new floors on the top of existing apartment buildings in exchange for doing improvements on the building.  Improvements include strengthening existing building, elevator, new façade, balconies, safe rooms.
  • For their work in improving the existing building, Developer ends up with the best new apartments (top floors), in newly renovated buildings, in the best locations of existing high demand neighborhoods.
  • In the next 10 – 20 years over 25,000 residential apartment buildings in Israel will be rebuilt to TAMA 38 standards, creating thousands of new homes. (over 250,000 buildings qualify for TAMA renovations.  Developers are currently focusing on the top markets that produce the highest ROI)
  • American Israel will finance/develop the construction of approximately 10 projects per year, through loans from private funders.  Funders will also have the option to purchase new apartments at discounted prices.
  • We anticipate an annual return on investment of 9% – 10% with minimal risk.  Investment timeframe is 30 – 36 months for most projects. Projects have excellent security collateral.
  • TAMA projects very much help the State of Israel.  They make apartments safer and stronger.  They create much needed new housing.  They generate jobs and stimulate economic development and tax revenue.
  • Israel’s population is 8.842 million, 43% of world Jewry.  Central Bureau of Statistics figures show 74.5% of population is Jewish/ predict population will be 15.2 million by 2048.  Much new housing is required.

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